Your box tops help local schools

Another year of school has begun, which means another year of collecting box tops. The Box Tops for Education program has helped schools since 1996. The program is simple: buy the products (hundreds of products have box tops), clip out the box tops, and drop them off at any one of our three elementary schools: Highland Park, Garfield or Lewis and Clark. Each box top is worth 10 cents, and the schools receive two checks a year, depending on the amount of box tops sent in.

In the past few years, the number of box tops turned in declined, and as a Box Top Coordinator, I would like to see the numbers increase this year. I am asking the community for help. Please do not throw away the box tops. Clip your box tops and give them to one of the elementary schools.

Box Tops money is spent on items the school budget does not provide for. Some items bought with the money include P.E. equipment, playground equipment and technology items.

Now there is a box top bonus app that can earn more cash for the school. Please check out the program at to register and find out more about this program. They have coupons and other offers throughout the year.



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