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Think before you support or donate
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dear Editor,

My farmer heart is full of joy as I watch the grain trucks drive by. With 55 years of experience in taking care of our land and cattle here, I am happy those involved in the business of farming and ranching can support our local area businesses along with Fergus County and the State of Montana. We live in a great community, and I am thankful for our banks’ support when we face challenges with weather or market prices for our products. In this area, we are in the business of raising safe, nutritional food. Agriculture is the number one industry in Montana.

I am also sad our businesses are threatened by the goal of a 3.5 million acre preserve in our part of Montana by the American Prairie Reserve, and their plan to run 10,000 bison without management in this huge area of Montana. We don’t want their bison on our private property (they are now my neighbor at Winifred), so will this area’s farms and ranches survive, along with the economy of Fergus County and our wonderful state of Montana?

I hope everyone will seriously think about this serious situation before they support or donate to the American Prairie Reserve. Most people who donate will never visit this area. There are many humanitarian causes that could use donations instead.

Gladys Walling




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