Your vote counts

Dear Editor,

We are all well aware that we will soon elect the replacement to fill the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives vacated by Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

This is an extremely important election and must be taken very seriously. Three candidates are actually campaigning, but this letter will address the qualifications – or lack of – for one person, the guitar player.

Rob Quist presents much to write about and it’s mostly negative. Mr. Quist has travelled extensively thoughout Montana entertaining folks. This is just fine, but these contacts with Montanans did not dwell on the serious issues facing our state and the nation.

Recently, Quist himself brought to light a very serious and condemning facet of his campaign for office. He proudly boasted through his ads about the broad base of contributors he has “built.” He attributes this to his many wondrous attributes, but he has either naively or purposively lost the damaging significance of the majority of these “supporters.” They don’t know and couldn’t care less about what Quist stands for and would bring to the office of U.S. Senator. All they are interested in isgetting him to Washington so he can play the part of another puppet who will dance to the strings of the most recently retired Montana governor (who, I hear, coerced him into running for office) and Nancy Pelosi.

Herein lies the rub: This marvelous list of supporters, in his own words, numbers no less than 140,000 persons and their average donation is $25 each. Do the math. It totals $3,500,000. All those “concerned” Montanans stepping up to the plate to support their favorite guitar player, bologna. The vast majority are out-of-state Democrats and extreme environmentalists who are more interested in their own twisted agendas, including global warming, abortion, shutting down Montana’s coal industry and increasing restrictions on Montana’s agriculture.

Central Montana voters have repeatedly demonstrated we are a stronghold of informed, level-headed conservative voters. Now is the time to show these misinformed individuals we are capable of making up our own minds when we cast our votes for the man who will best represent Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives. On May 25, vote for Greg Gianforte. Your vote counts.

Rep. Bill Thomas (retired)




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