Youth Mentoring Senior Spotlight

Madelyn Kirsch


Madelyn has been with the mentoring program for three years; she says she really likes mentoring a lot and wishes she had also mentored her freshman year. She and her mentees enjoyed going to the movies, ice skating and making food.  

Madelyn did not have a mentor while she was in elementary school, but has had a special role model.  She said, “My mom has always inspired me to make the right choices and be happy.” 

Madelyn has been very busy while at Fergus. She has been part of Key Club, Spanish Club, pep band, the jump rope team, National Honor Society, and astronomy club. One of her highlights was competing at the We the People Competition in January 2107. After graduation she is planning to attend Washington State University and will be majoring in zoology. 

Madelyn says that mentoring will always be with her as she continues on in her life. She said she will “always have the great memories and friendships.” She also shared one of her favorite quotes: “Live in such a way that if someone were to speak badly of you, no one would believe them.” 



What is your favorite part of the Fair?