The end of the overpass

Jenny Gessaman

The demolition of the Lewistown overpass is the latest step in this summer’s Lewistown West Overpass Project. The project is redesigning the junction between Lewistown’s truck bypass and U.S. Hwy 87, as well as improving the city’s sidewalks and trail system.

Project Manager Guy Slaybaugh said the overpass bridge structure was being removed, and box culverts were being placed to start creating the Lewistown Trail System’s new pedestrian tunnel. He added crews were also widening a section of highway from the overpass to the Airport Road intersection.

Slaybaugh noted additional construction at Airport Road, saying crews were realigning it with Entrance Road across Hwy 87. East-end sidewalk work is also part of the construction project.

Slaybaugh described the project as community friendly, explaining everything from design to execution kept Lewistown and its businesses in mind.

There will be a one-way off ramp from the truck route to Highway 87 for businesses and downtown Lewistown,” he said.

Slaybaugh clarified Century Companies, Inc. was considering the community during construction, too. The business is handing out advance notices detailing coming work to anyone who will be affected by the project.

Century is working with the businesses and public to make this smooth,” Slaybaugh said. “That’s something we put a lot of thought into: How can we do this and not be disruptive to the community and businesses?”



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