Roy student looks forward to junior high

News-Argus Staff

Megan Bergum is excited about entering seventh grade. Even though her classmates will be the same ones as last year, the day to day adventure will be quite different.
“I look forward to having different teachers and changing classrooms,” she said.
This summer Megan plans to spend her free time visiting cousins, fishing with family and going swimming with her sister Emily and brother Cody. She also enjoys the Roy rodeo, which she attended with her family this past weekend. The remainder of her leisure time will be devoted to playing basketball. Her favorite professional team is the Golden State Warriors (who just lost the series to the Cleveland Cavaliers) and her favorite player is Michael Jordan.
Megan plans to be a part of the Outlaws volleyball and basketball teams during the next school year. But team sports aren’t her only interest.
This last year, Megan went elk and deer hunting with her dad. Even though they had to walk quite a distance, she was able to sneak up behind a cow elk and take a successful shot. Even though she didn’t bag a deer, she deems her last hunting season a success.


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