Common sense gun control can save lives

Dear Editor,
I have come to believe that background checks with no loopholes are essential if the public is to be made safe from mass murder. Further, if someone wants to buy an assault type weapon, a personal interview with the FBI should be required. These common sense gun control measures could save many lives.
But wait: Omar of Orlando killed 49 people and injured 53 others when he bought an “assault” style weapon after going through a background check. He also had not one but two interviews with the FBI. Even after a gun dealer refused to serve him and reported him to the FBI, and a fellow worker reported he was too dangerous to work with, he was still qualified to buy a gun.
The truth is background checks do nothing to protect you. As an attorney who worked both prosecution and defense, I have known many felons and 99 percent of them would not be a threat if they bought a gun. Also in states that make it a crime for them to own guns, the fact that they are not blocked from buying them does not insulate them from prosecution. Most of the other 1 percent won’t ever get out of prison. Those who would be a threat would never get their gun through legal channels where honest people could identify them. I have also had a great deal of exposure to the mentally ill. The problem is most are not mentally ill since birth; they tend to slowly drift into mental illness in their twenties and by the time it becomes obvious they already own guns. Remember, background checks have nothing to do with guns you have, only guns you want to buy.
The Sandy Hook killings were unbelievable. A monster killed his mother and took her semiautomatic rifle and killed grade school children. It is used politically to advocate gun control. Sandy Hook was a gun free zone (definition: only the killer is allowed to have a gun.) I would bet, that every one of those brave – and I do mean brave – liberal teachers, who put their own bodies in front of those children wished that they had, had a gun.
Gun control is the mantra of people who believe that you are stupid, unable to control yourself, and that they, through the government, are needed so you don’t burn yourself on the stove. Of course, while they are protecting you against yourself, they live by completely different rules.
Gary Fitzpatrick



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