Police Blotter

Judy Thompson

The following report is taken from information provided by the Lewistown Police Department and does not represent the total scope of police activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.


June 3

• At 12:29 a.m. a 911 caller reported a drunken male was yelling at the caller’s dogs. Officers responded and advised the male to move along.

• At 11:42 a.m. a person asked to speak to an officer about lawn care codes. The person advised numerous houses in his neighborhood were not caring for their lawns.

• At 1:35 p.m. a person reported two females were lying in the street near 4th and Bebb. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the individuals.

• At 5:23 p.m. a person said a bull snake was on the street near his house. The person was advised to leave it alone, or he could call Fish and Game.


June 4

• At 12:27 a.m. a person reported a noise disturbance at a neighbor’s residence. Officers responded and issued five citations for minor in possession of alcohol.

• At 12:47 a.m. a 911 call requested medical for a male that was unresponsive in his vehicle. The ambulance responded and said no transport was necessary.

• At 9:44 a.m. the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance with a report of possible shots fired at a residence. Officers and the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office responded and advised the noise was from fireworks.

• At 10:31 a.m. a person reported an aggressive dog in the neighborhood. Officers responded and issued a citation to the owner for dog-at-large and vicious animal.

• At 11:23 a.m. an officer was flagged down by an individual who said a person under her care had wandered off. The person later advised the person in question had returned.

• At 11:39 a.m. a person reported a group of people had tied a rope swing near Garfield Bridge. Officers responded and advised the individuals to remove the swing.

• At 5:26 p.m. a 911 caller reported a female was bitten by a dog. Officers and medical responded. The ambulance reported non-transport. The animal was quarantined. 


June 5

• At 1:11 p.m. a person reported a small child on a bike was hit by a vehicle and the mother of the child was transporting by a privately owned vehicle to CMMC. 


June 6

• At 6:51 a.m. a 911 caller reported a single car accident with three or four occupants with serious injuries. The Judith Basin County Office, the Montana Highway Patrol, the Geyser Ambulance, Great Falls Advanced Life Support, and Mercy Flight responded.

• At 11:36 a.m. a person said a male was driving around with no insurance and he constantly drinks and drives. She also said he is threatening her over the phone and by text messages. Officer spoke to the person and she was not willing to sign a statement or give her name. 

• At 12:10 p.m. a person said he witnessed a male give a female driver alcohol. The person said the female took a drink and then drove off with the drink in her hand. Officers responded and were unable to locate the suspect vehicle. 

• At 3:24 p.m. a person asked to speak to animal control about the population of bunnies he has in his neighborhood. 

• At 9:49 p.m. a person reported her daughter is being harassed through social media. An officer spoke to the person. 


June 7

• At 9:57 a.m. the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office relayed information about a potentially suicidal female staying at a local hotel. Officers responded and advised the female had checked out and travelled to a new city. Law Enforcement in that city was notified.


June 8

• At 3:06 p.m. an officer assisted the Montana Highway Patrol with a search warrant on a vehicle.

• At 3:39 p.m. a person reported there were cats locked in a local storage unit. Officers responded and spoke with the manager of the facility. An eviction notice had been delivered to the individual renting the unit.

• At 3:52 p.m. Public Works advised some tombstones had been tipped over at the cemetery.

• At 4:44 an extra patrol was requested for the City Cemetery due to vandalism.


June 9

• At 8:45 a.m. a person reported he might have found drug paraphernalia. An officer spoke to the person and collected the evidence.

• At 3:34 p.m. a person reported some kids were driving a dune buggy and she was concerned for their safety due to the location. Officer responded.

• At 3:35 p.m. a person advised her neighbors have not mowed the yard yet and the grass is now waist high. Code Compliance was advised.

• At 7:45 p.m. a 911 caller requested an officer respond to check on a suspicious male near his residence. The male was advised not to return to the residence.

• At 10:39 p.m. a person reported a newborn fawn in the lawn at a residence in town. People were gathering around it and the doe had not come back



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