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On June 4, Linda and Mick Seaton went to Portland, Oregon for their granddaughter Kyiana Neel’s eighth-grade graduation. It was held at Arieta School from 6 - 7 p.m. on June 8. There were 30 kids that graduated. Kyiana Neel will be a freshman in high school next year; she is pretty excited.
They were gone for six days. They went to Seaside where it was nice and cool. Then they went to eat. Before heading home, they stopped at the small town of Conner Beach.
On Monday afternoon, they traveled to Kelso, Washington to see Ashley Hendrickson, and met her at the Kelso Mall. They explored the mall, then got a bite to eat. After that, the pair headed back to Portland, Oregon.
On June 9 Linda and Mick flew home into Great Falls. Mary Bricker picked them up at the airport. They all stopped on the way out of town and got a bite to eat, then headed home.
Linda and Mick had a very good time, but feel it’s nice to be home. They are proud of their granddaughter, Kyiana Neel.



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