Cloverbud Virgil Tholt finds 4-H great fun

News-Argus Managing Editor

Six-year-old Virgil Tholt is learning how to be a 4-Her in Winnett. Virgil is enrolled in the Cloverbuds, the 4-H program for kids ages 5-7. Luckily for Virgil, his mom, Nicole, is the Cloverbud leader, so he has lots of good support for his efforts.
Nicole said she has five official members of the Cloverbuds in her group, but often ends up with eight kids, as younger siblings tag along for the fun.
“Cloverbuds gives kids an introduction to all the things they can do in 4-H,” Nicole explained. “We do a lot of crafts and basic activities. For example, we made gingerbread houses. The Cloverbud members are expected to also come to the general 4-H meetings and they help out at the 4-H food booth at the fair. They can submit up to six items in the fair, and they need to do a sort of “show and tell” for the judges. Each child explains how the item was created, which gets them used to standing up in front of people and presenting their project.”
Besides being the Cloverbud leader, Nicole is also the Horse leader for the Winnett Shamrocks 4-H club. She has two 4-H members she works with on riding and all aspects of horse ownership.
Virgil said making craft projects was his favorite thing about Cloverbuds.
“I liked it best when we made the penguins,” he said.
With some help from Nicole, Virgil explained the penguins were created out of empty water bottles filled with cottonballs and decorated to look like everyone’s favorite black-and-white bird. Virgil will be taking his penguin to the fair as his entry.
“We have it put away in a special place,” Nicole said.
Virgil enjoys attending the Cloverbud meetings with his best friend, Jack.


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