Community and elementary district support Fergus High School homecoming

Danny Wirtzberger

Homecoming hijinx with (from left) C.J. Greene, Sean Zimmer and Maxx Ray include proudly wearing the blue and gold.       Photos courtesy of Danny Wirtzberger

Homecoming is a fantastic way to show your loyalty and camaraderie for your hometown. It is great way to kick off the school year and welcome everyone back from summer vacations.

At Fergus High School, it is not only the high school students that celebrate homecoming. Our district includes our elementary schools and the community of Lewistown in their activities. I am very impressed by the amount of pride our community has in their Golden Eagles. Our elementary students participated in the “Crazy Days” of homecoming week. I was amazed at the number of students that dressed crazy for each of the homecoming weekdays.

On Friday the community pep rally was very inclusive for the entire district. High school students played games with elementary students and coaches not only introduced their teams, but also recognized elementary students who participate in activities. Then we all had the pleasure of witnessing the Homecoming parade, where students teamed up to create their floats with school pride.To top it all off, I witnessed my own child, a second grader (a diehard Blue Pony fan until about two months ago) sing the Fergus school song he memorized with his entire school from Highland Park to our Fergus High School principal.

Each day of Homecoming reminded us how much pride our students and their parents have in this community and how happy I am to be a part of it.


Danny Wirtzberger is the principal at Lewis and Clark Elementary.



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