Sheriff's Log

Compiling Reporter
The following report is taken from information provided by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department and does not represent the total scope of the sheriff’s department’s activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Jan. 13
• At 4:30 a.m. Central Montana Dispatch reported a 911 call from a concerned driver. The man, driving west on Hwy 87, had discovered there were no gas stations open in Glendive. The caller thought he could make it to Lewistown, but wanted to check that there would be gas stations open. Dispatch assured him there would be.

Jan. 14
• At 3:02 p.m. a woman stated someone had trespassed on her property and stolen her nephew’s property. She said the person got into a vehicle and took several items. One of the items was an apartment mail key, which the person then used to steal mail.

Jan. 15
• At 10:52 p.m. a mother relayed her son’s confrontation with an aggressive man. She stated her son had been heading to his mentee’s house when he noticed a truck following him. The son stopped, thinking perhaps it was someone he knew. The other driver began yelling profanity-laced statements about not stalking houses, as well as threats of beating or shooting the boy. When the son tried to respond, the man drove off.

A deputy found a vehicle matching the son’s description, but didn’t make contact with anyone. The man called the sheriff’s department at 12:07 a.m., stating the boy was parked in front of a house with his lights off.

Jan. 16
• At 12:08 a.m. a man reported a strange phone call. His wife had answered the call, and had been told their son had been hurt at a specific place. The woman started preparing to drive there, but slipped and had to be helped inside by her husband. After hearing the story, the husband checked on the son only to find him sleeping.



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