Cody Williams prefers small-town life

Charlie Denison

Cody Williams of Grass Range enjoys school, serving/cooking at the Little Montana Chuckwagon and living in a small town.
Photo courtesy of Cody Williams

Be it school, work or just enjoying the outdoors, Grass Range junior Cody Williams said he’s enjoying life in small-town Montana.

From the people, his peers, his teachers, his parents, to his customers and his neighbors, Cody said he couldn’t be happier to be living where he is living.

“For one, I love the huge, open skies,” he said, “and I love the small-town atmosphere.”

This is especially the case for Cody as a server at the Little Montana Chuckwagon.

“Obviously I like that I get a paycheck, but it’s more than that,” he said. “Working here makes me feel closer to the community. In a town where there are only three places to eat, that’s no surprise. People talk to me, and a lot of them are regulars, so I get to know them.”

A lot of these regulars seem to always come to the café at the same time each day, which humors Cody.

“It seems they are on a schedule,” he said, “especially the coffee drinkers.”

The café, Cody added, has a nice environment, and he’s glad to have the job. It wasn’t much of an application process, though, as his mother, Paula, is the owner.

This dynamic works well, Cody said.

Outside of the café, Cody stays pretty busy with school, getting involved with athletics such as track and field and competing in academic programs such as FFA and FCCLA.

“Last year I went to San Diego with FCCLA to compete as part of the Parley Pro team,” he said. “This year I am busy planning prom with FCCLA, I’m doing it with a partner as our life planning event project.”

During the school day, Cody say he likes the small classes and the individual attention he can receive from his teachers.

“I get to know my classmates very well this way and I also get to know the teachers. Some of them are a little wacky,” he said, laughing.

Halfway through junior year now, Cody said he’s starting to think about the future.

“I’m going to start out going to Powell Northwest College in Wyoming and after that I don’t know,” he said. “My goal is to be a civil engineer to design bridges and buildings, sewer systems, subway tunnels, etc.”

Cody said he’s not sure where this journey will take him, but he hopes to be back in Montana when it’s all said and done.

“I prefer Montana,” he said. “It’s so open, and it’s also a slower pace.”


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