Sheriff's Log

Compiling Reporter
The following report is taken from information provided by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department and does not represent the total scope of the sheriff’s department’s activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Feb. 4
• At 4:21 p.m. man reported strange animal behavior. He stated a deer on his property had its ears pinned back and was foaming at the mouth. The man requested someone come take care of the animal.

Feb. 6
• At 7:43 p.m. a woman called in about her intoxicated neighbor. Earlier in the evening, the caller had seen a neighbor spinning her vehicle’s wheels, before witnessing the driver possibly hitting a fence. Someone went out to the vehicle, taking the keys and parking the vehicle in the neighbor’s driveway. The neighbor was then assisted into her home. She fell several times in the house before walking back out to the vehicle. The caller was no longer in the area and asked if a deputy could check in on the neighbor and make sure the woman did not drive.



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