Sheriff's Log


The following report is taken from information provided by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department and does not represent the total scope of the sheriff’s department’s activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

March 18
• At 12:42 p.m. a woman came to the sheriff’s department to report a voicemail. The message stated her son was in a hit-and-run accident, and he would be arrested immediately if she did not send money. The woman insisted on speaking to a deputy, saying she did not and would not give her cell phone number to anyone.

March 20
• At 6 p.m. Central Montana Dispatch advised they had received report of a dog bite. A boy was bitten by his grandparents’ pet.

March 21
• At 1:45 p.m. a woman reported a trespasser. She said a 6-foot-tall man with a backpack and bike was sleeping on her property near some storage sheds. The woman added he had climbed over a fence into the road as she was leaving. A deputy responded to her property. He found the man in question, who said he had been waiting for a friend and “was trying to roll a cigarette out of the wind.”
• At 6:19 p.m. a man reported a theft. Someone had broken into his vehicle and stolen some items, as well as stealing a bag of tools off of his porch. The dispatcher referred him to another jurisdiction.



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