Layton Tucek: a seventh-grader with a plan

Charlie Denison

Layton Tucek, left, presents the American flag at a home Rangers football game last fall.
Photo courtesy of Janel Tucek

Grass Range seventh grade student Layton Tucek has a pretty good plan.

He may be young, but Layton already has an idea of what he wants to do with his life.

“I want to become a military police officer or go into the Marines,” he said. “I envision myself over in Afghanistan keeping the peace and the military men safe.”

Layton said he wants to do this for his country, but he also is inspired to take on such a role because he has military history in his family.

“My grandpa was in the Vietnam War and all my uncles have been in the military, too,” he said. “I’ve always thought it was something to be pretty cool to go do.”

And once he completes his duty, Layton will come home and work on the family ranch.

“I’d like to go out and do something in the world and then probably come back,” he said.

To make sure he’s as useful as possible, he also plans to go to Montana State University-Bozeman and study veterinary science.

“This way, if I ever run the ranch, I’ll know if something is wrong with the animals,” he said.

These goals are possible because he is willing to work for them, he said, as his parents have showed him the value of a strong work ethic.

“My parents say ‘if you are going to do something halfway, don’t do it at all,’” Layton said. “I want to go into everything all the way.”

This applies to short-term goals as well. After all, Layton hasn’t even started high school yet, so right now he’s focused on playing basketball and is also gearing up for track

“I usually do triple jump, long jump and discus in track,” he said. “My favorite event is the triple jump. I think it’s more fun than the long jump. Whenever I do it, I’m into it.”

But Layton’s favorite sport is football.

“I like the competition and I like that it’s more hands-on,” Layton said. “I usually play center or guard. I prefer playing defense. It’s more fun for me to tackle than it is to catch a pass.”

School is good, too, as he enjoys his classes. He also likes to have some time to relax.

“I like to work, but I also like to play with my dogs,” he said. “I like to do whatever I want to do.”





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