MSU-Northern graduates new phlebotomists

Rachel E. Bartlett, Delaney R. Beil, Sara N. Jimison and Deanna M. Linquist display their well-earned phlebotomy certificates.

Photo courtesy of Montana State University Northern Department of Nursing

Montana State University-Northern conducted a pinning ceremony for their first cohort of phlebotomy students. Phlebotomists are those trained to draw blood. MSU-Northern enrolled the first class of phlebotomy students in the fall of 2016. These students completed two semesters of instruction, as well as hands-on training in medical facilities throughout the state.

Debbie Pratt serves as the phlebotomy instructor and has worked as a phlebotomist for 25 years. She has worked as a phlebotomist for Central Montana Medical Center since 1991. Most of the phlebotomy course is offered online, with weekend labs offered on campus. MSU-Northern has developed the phlebotomy program to help meet the growing need for healthcare professionals in Montana.

Funding for the development of the program was provided through a statewide grant for healthcare programs across Montana called Healthcare Montana. It is funded through the Department of Labor, which provided grant funds for two-year schools to create a statewide nursing curriculum, and to develop new programs in allied health.

This year’s cohort of phlebotomists includes: Rachel E. Bartlett, Delaney R. Beil, Sara N. Jimison and Deanna M. Linquist. With this certification, students will be able to work as phlebotomists in the state of Montana, and have the option of taking a national certification to allow them to practice as phlebotomists anywhere in the U.S. 

MSU-Northern will begin the second cohort of the phlebotomy program this fall, and is currently accepting new students into the program.



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