Moore’s Brooke Seal loves spending time with youngsters

News-Argus Managing Editor

Recent Moore High School graduate Brooke Seal looks forward to a future working with young children.

Photos courtesy of Brooke Seal


Although recent Moore High School graduate Brooke Seal had only been a student there for two years, she is one of the school’s strongest supporters. Having transferred in from a larger school, Brooke said the small class size and support of teachers and administrators at Moore made a big different for her. 

“Before I was struggling, but after coming to Moore I got the help and support I needed to graduate with my class,” Brooke said.  “There are good people here, and they don’t judge you.”

Favorite teachers in Moore this year include Mrs. Wichman, who teaches English, and Mrs. Berry, who teaches government. Both, Brooke said, are very supportive of their students.

Having achieved one goal – high school graduation -- Brooke has others she is contemplating. She loves young children and would like to build a career working with them.

“I’ll be taking elementary education courses online,” she said. “I hope to get hired somewhere in Central Montana where I can work with little kids.”

Brooke has some experience in her field already, having helped out at the Central Montana Head Start. She has also developed a small business babysitting for about five families, something she does almost every day, even during the school year. She also has a two-year-old little brother at home.

“It’s fun to see their little brains working,” Brooke said about why she enjoys working with very young children so much.

Brooke’s family includes mother Heidi McNeel and stepfather Russell McNeel, as well as father Jeff Seal, who lives in Michigan. Brook has other siblings who don’t live at home, and the family includes a 13-year-old toy poodle.

When not babysitting or doing her schoolwork, Brooke enjoys doing craft projects with young children, and being outside taking in Central Montana’s natural environment.



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