Riley Donaldson – a well rounded athlete

News-Argus Staff

Riley takes a break after summer basketball camp in Washington to enjoy the scenery.

Photos courtesy of the Donaldson family


Riley Donaldson, son of Lloyd and Tami Donaldson, looks forward to his senior year at Denton. Two highlights of his final year in high school will include a Smithsonian trip and the senior class trip (destination to be determined).

During the school year, Riley is involved in FFA and is on the Bearcats basketball, track and football teams. Summer tournaments will help him improve his performance in those sports. When home this summer, Riley will help his dad on the farm and spend time riding his dirt bike during leisure moments. He will also find time for riding his unicycle.

Although he doesn’t look forward to the college scholarship application process, Riley would like to attend Montana State University in Bozeman. His alternate choice is Montana State in Billings. He plans to study electricity.

His high school years to date gave Riley valuable skills. 

“Most of what I learned in shop class is valuable to me. Mostly because I live on a farm, and those things we learn, we use very often,” Riley said.

Looking back on his junior year of high school, he said that the best part was district basketball. “I really had a blast at that tournament. I expect that State track will be pretty great, too.”

When asked if he could spend a day with anyone, past or present, Riley replied, “This is a hard question, and I think I’m gonna have to go with Lebron James. He’s the best player of this era. I want to play one-on-one with him and hope to be a better player.”

Riley says that his classmates would describe him as, “trustworthy. I’m basically a nice kid that likes to have fun and works hard.” 


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