Judith Gap student shares favorite things

News-Argus Staff

Olivia Mitchell is looking forward to a great summer vacation and playing basketball this coming season.

Photo courtesy of Judy Thompson


Now that the time of year for starting school again has arrived, some of my interviews I did in the spring seem rather out of date. However, this young lady seems like she was going to have such a good summer I was jealous and had to share her plans, as well as her personal information with you.

Olivia Mitchell is her name; she was 10 years old and was in the fourth grade as of last May.

The big plans Olivia had for the summer were to travel to the Oregon coast. She couldn’t wait for the school year to be out. The whole family including dad and mom (Lane and Christie Mitchell); siblings (Eva, 7 years old, and Zoey, 5 years old); her grandparents; and aunt and uncle were all traveling together. The whole family was looking forward to spending time on the beach. I have to say I was jealous, as the Oregon coast is one of my favorite places in the world.

Art was Olivia’s favorite subject in school last year and Mrs. Hajenga was her favorite teacher. She only has six kids in her class, which I am sure made it personal and advantageous for expression and learning.

Olivia also loves to bake and cook. Her favorite dish is Quinoa Curry and every cookie it is possible to make, with No-bake and cutout sugar cookies being her choices for the most fun to make. Her favorite colors are turquoise and blue. “Good Luck Charlie,” is her favorite TV show and for movies, she likes “The Lorax,” “Secret Life of Pets,” and “Inside Out.”

Olivia is also an avid reader. She reads chapter books with no favorite genres in particular; they all interest her. 

Life goals for Olivia include, becoming a nurse or a rancher. Basketball is a sport Olivia enjoys and she can’t wait for the beginning of the new school year so she can play.

Olivia has several pets and every one of them has a name: two guinea pigs, Checkers and Fawn; three dogs, Jack, Charlie and Kipp; seven cats, Cougar, Max, Jewel, Star, Noel, Cam, and Turtle. Noel the cat had four kittens in the spring and their names are: Monster, Dos Equis, Boots and Pants, and last but not least, Precious.

Seeing her friends at school makes Olivia very happy. When asked if she could spend an hour on a bench in a secluded spot with a friend, who it would be and why, she replied her friend Lilly Morris. She told me Lilly was a good companion and listener. 


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