Sheriff's Log

Compiling Reporter

The following report is taken from information provided by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department and does not represent the total scope of the sheriff’s department’s activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.


Aug. 12

• At 8:37 a.m. a woman reported her parents stole her IRS refund check from her mailbox. Her father refused to return it. A deputy later spoke with the woman, who didn’t know if she wanted to do anything about the incident. She explained her dad said he was trying to help her budget. The woman called back the next day after deciding she wanted the check. A deputy then spoke to the father, who stated he took the check as payment for money the daughter charged to his credit card. The deputy told him he still had to give the check back.

• At 4:55 p.m. Central Montana Dispatch relayed a dangerous driver complaint. A caller stated a truck passed three vehicles at once in a no-passing zone near Moore. A deputy pulled the truck over, and drove a woman to the county jail. At 6:19 p.m. a deputy issued citations for first-offense DUI, open container and improper passing.


Aug. 14

• At 9:23 a.m. a sexual violent offender registry investigator from Great Falls called. He advised another investigator talked with a Lewistown churchgoer who was worried a man involved with a children’s ministry could be hurting children. The investigator added the man in question was a registered sex offender in Wyoming.

• At 5:56 p.m. a woman called for information on how to handle continued threats. She stated she already submitted written statements detailing harassment she received about her Grass Range political campaign. The harassment continued, and she wasn’t sure what to do.


Aug. 16

• At 8:56 p.m. a mom reported her son, home alone, witnessed an attempted theft. He saw two men in a white truck pull up, try to steal his dad’s truck and then leave. He described the two men as wearing hoodies and masks.



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