Local Saddle Club has great success at Nationals

All members who went to Nationals pose for a photo op, including (top left) MonteRay Fogle, Jasmine Brinley, Mariah Fogle and Helaina Fowler; (middle row) Brenda Curry, Ida Brinley, Soni Zarn and Stacy Fowler; (bottom row) Amanda Hartman and Bri Kotecki.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Hartman

Helaina Fowler and Amanda Hartman represent MSCA at the Lewistown Rodeo.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Hartman


The Rockin’ Wranglers Saddle Club had nine members attend National O-Mok-See in July. National Saddle Club Association (also known as O-Mok-See) is a fun family event of patterned horse racing. O-Mok-See welcomes members of all ages and all riding levels. The Association strives for sportsmanship, and to make family relations through clubs all across the country.

The arena is split into multiple lanes and riders are required to keep one foot in at all times, as they ride their horse though the patterns in front of them. There are seven age groups based on the riders’ ages, the youngest being 7 and under. 

This year Nationals was held in Buffalo, Wyoming, July 16-21. During those days, riders participated in 20 events with great success. Members from the states of Washington, Minnesota, Kansas, Idaho and Montana all participated, totaling 220 riders. During the week, all members not only raced hard, but were actively helping in the arena, from being a lane judge to raking the ground and setting up races.

Members Helaina Fowler and Bri Kotecki, and her King contestant, MonteRay Fogle, ran for NSCA royalty, with Helaina Fowler being crowned the NSCA Senior Princess. They gave speeches, demonstrated horsemanship skills, and raised money for the organization. During the awards nights, held twice throughout the week with dances to follow, club members enjoyed watching not only club members who received awards, but new friends they had made throughout the week.

Riding in the age group of 12-15, we had Jasmine Brinley who placed fourth in Figure 8, eighth in Key Hole, third in 360 Eight, fifth in Exchange Race, sixth in Keg Race, ninth in Express Rescue, third in Pole Bending, seventh Polo Turn and seventh Overall in her age group.

MonteRay Fogle was eighth in pair sack and barrel and stake. He also spent many hours helping in the arena.

Mariah Fogle was seventh in Tomahawk, eighth Pair Sack, 10th Barrel and Stake, and 10th in Two Barrel Flag.

Helaina Fowler placed 10th in Speed Barrels, seventh in Pair Sack, sixth in Polo Turn, first in Express Rescue, fourth in Two Barrel Flag, fifth in Keg Race, second in Exchange Race, ninth in 360 eight, and 10th place overall in her age group.


In the age group of Women, 16-39

• Bri Kotecki was eighth in Team Arena

• Amanda Hartman was 10th in Two Barrel Flag, 10th in Arena Race, and eighth in Team Arena


In age group of Senior Women 

• Stacy Fowler was 9th in Two Barrel Flag, eighth in Team Arena.

• Brenda Curry was 6th in Poles, eighth in Team Arena.


Soni Zarn also rode in that age group. She had an amazing time with lots a laughs and encouraging talks to all. Having participated in O-Mok-See growing up, her knowledge about horses and the sport is a huge help to all members.

Two moms, Ida Brindley and Terrena Young, joined us on the trip. They were a huge help to all members from taking pictures and videos to writing down times.

The Rockin’ Wrangles will travel to Cut Bank over Labor Day weekend to participate in the state contest, which anyone can ride in as long as you are a member. We have 12 riders signed up in four age groups.

The club also would like to congratulate Amanda Hartman and Helaina Fowler on a great year of representing the Montana Saddle Club Association. Last year at State O-Mok-See Amanda Hartman was crowned Queen and Helaina Sr. Princess. Amanda is currently attending the University of Wyoming majoring in Animal Science and Agriculture Communications while being on the University Livestock Judging Team, and Helania attends Winifred for school, being active in sports and showing livestock. Over the year they have both carried flags in parades and at rodeos, attended many functions as MSCA royalty and spent time doing volunteer work.

The club will also have a booth and fundraiser at the Chokecherry Festival, and our last O-Mok-See will be held in the Denton arena on Sept. 10. For more information about MSAC or Rockin’ Wrangles Club please contact Terrena Fogle at 350-9000, Brenda Curry at 350-6246, or Soni Zarn 350-1915.


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