Lewis and Clark students find their own hidden figures

Lewis and Clark fifth graders learn about mass and density by weighing and measuring items in the STEM classes.

Photos courtesy of Jill Reed


Fifth-grade classes at Lewis and Clark Elementary are doing more and more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities in the classroom. Many of the classes already completed and/or will complete activities to find the mass, density, buoyancy and volume of matter.

When finding mass, students set up charts, use physical properties to describe their matter, then using a balance scales and measure in grams find the mass of items. There is a lot of math going on, partner cooperation, and maybe a little frustration if items need recalculations. Students are encouraged to persevere to get the projects done.

All in all, students are kept busy doing multi-level thinking and problem solving, and determining conclusions. It is always fun to see a surprised face when they guess one way and find out it’s another. More STEM projects are planned throughout the year and we look forward to them.



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