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CMMC Auxiliary


The first annual meeting of the CMMC Auxiliary was called to order by President Lisa Householder in the hospital conference room on Sept. 12. After the pledge to our country’s flag, Janelle Wichman led the Auxiliary Prayer and Christine Todd, the Auxiliary Pledge.

President Lisa introduced guests Ann Tuss, representing the CMMC Foundation and Carey Darlington, the Human Resources Coordinator; then welcomed new members Linda Glidewell, Neysha Humphries and Diana Jackson.

Minutes were read and approved by a motion from Betty Yaeger and seconded by Barb Janicek. Correspondence included a thank you note from Maxine Lechner for her life membership and plaque and thank you letters from scholarship recipients Ethan Bent, Amber Strouf, Ember Drividahl, and Chase Gerer. Cards from the Emergency Room, Acute Care, and Laboratory Departments were read thanking the Auxiliary for the equipment recently purchased for these departments. This is a project the Auxiliary does every year with the money they earn.

A new member list was circulated among those present for updating phone and email listings.

Under Old Business, the president announced Laurie Ray would not be there to give the flu shots as scheduled, but that by going to Occupational Health we could all get our shots. Those working with people need to have flu shots and the hospital needs proof of the shots if they get them elsewhere. During flu season, it is necessary to wear a mask if we do not have the flu shots. It was agreed to ask Laurie to come give the shots at the October meeting.

According to Ann Tuss of the CMMC Foundation, there will be a new information desk in approximately two weeks. Changes to the waiting areas were discussed and she explained they were foreseeing future architectural plans for the gift shop near the entrance of the hospital. This would also involve the honor board.

Under committee reports, Leann said she does not have all the totals yet but the garage sale went very well, thanks to all the volunteers that turned out to help.

Linda Werdin reported that after 30 years, Nell Cruikshank will no longer do the mail. She not only delivered it, but did the scheduling as well. Jean Roper took over the job, but they need volunteers. Neysha stepped up to the work. This doesn’t mean Nell is no longer working. Now you will find her at the information desk, ready to assist any way she can. Our thanks, Nell. You’re the best.

First under new business, was an announcement from Ann Tuss that the Volunteer Recognition Appreciation Dinner is returning. She said the work of the Auxiliary was incredible and is very much appreciated. Time and place will be announced later.

Carey Darlington, HR coordinator, said she would like to join our group and was heartily welcomed.

Jerry Carpenter reported the blood drawing was exceptionally successful. She reminded us the hospital gets blood from the Red Cross so we work with the Red Cross to replenish the blood. She also announced diabetes classes will be starting and urged everyone to attend.

Patty Neeman requested members who are on a committee but will not be at a meeting give their reports to Lisa so they can be read at the meeting. It was also announced that those who cannot work their scheduled shift are to find their own replacement.

Lisa asked for volunteers for the annual Hospital Meeting on Oct. 2. Jerry and Louise volunteered to handle the registration, and Linda Werdin will be the speaker in the absence of Lisa (who’ll be away becoming a grandmother).

The pass-it-on plate brought by Janelle Wichman was won by Barb Janicek.


The meeting was adjourned and our new President Lisa was given a round of applause for her successful first meeting. Members are urged to attend our next meeting Oct. 10 at 12 p.m. (noon) in the Conference Room of the CMMC.


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