Olivia Geer adjusting well to Montana life


Winifred Sophomore Olivia Geer is enjoying ranch life and enjoying riding her horse, Cloud. Originally from Oregon, it’s not what she’s used to, but she is fully embracing her new world. 

Photo courtesy of Summer Dawn




Sophomore Olivia Geer is new to Winifred, but it hasn’t taken her long to feel like she’s at home.

Originally from the coast of Oregon (near Astoria, where “The Goonies” was filmed), Olivia grew up with more people and more activity, which she didn’t mind.

Nevertheless, she was open to moving to a small community in rural Montana.

“I liked where I lived, but I’m a believer that change is a good thing,” she said. “So, I told my mom, ‘it’s OK if we move. Seems like a good idea.’”

So Olivia’s mother, Malea, moved the family to a ranch northeast of Winifred.

Living on Wade Kinkelaar’s ranch with her mom and little brother Brody, life is “definitely different,” but it’s been wonderful all the same.

“I really like it here,” Olivia said. “There are a lot of things I enjoy. I like that my classes are smaller. In Oregon, there were 60 kids in my grade alone. That’s not the case here at all.”

As she continues to get accustomed to ranch life, Olivia said she liked life on the coast of Oregon and likes life here in Winifred.

“I honestly don’t prefer one over the other,” she said.

A lot of her passions are things she could do either place, such as basketball and volleyball. The volleyball season is going well, she said, but she can’t wait for basketball. She played on the team last year as a freshman and is anxious to get on the floor again.

“I love basketball,” she said. “Last year the experience was really great. We made it to state! I think we can do it again this year, too.”

Olivia said she loves the thrill of basketball, as well as the team aspect, and would even play in college if she got the opportunity.

As far as what she’ll study in college, she’s not 100 percent sure, but if she had to choose today she’d go with veterinary school.

Although she could see settling in either Oregon or Montana, she does expect to go to college here in the Treasure State. 

“Some of my friends say they wouldn’t stay in Montana, but I could see doing it,” she said. “It’s more laid back here. I really like that a lot. You don’t even have to look your best every day you go to school.



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