Grass Range senior enjoys being “the new kid”

Charlie Denison

Josh Woods rushes the ball during a Winnett-Grass Range game earlier this season. He enjoys playing 6-man football despite being used to 11-man football.

Photo courtesy of Josh Woods

Last summer, Josh Woods said goodbye to Watford City, North Dakota.

Although he’d lived there since first grade, he was OK with leaving the place behind, as he was excited about his new home: Grass Range, Montana.

“It’s been pretty good,” he said. “I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Grass Range is smaller, quieter and, in many ways, simpler.

“Watford City was busy,” Josh said, “especially with oil field stuff. My dad had a ranching job over there. He likes it over here more. So do I. So do my younger brothers.”

Josh’s stepmother, Kristin, came up with the idea to move to Grass Range, as she has a lot of family in the area. Josh is grateful.

A senior at Grass Range, Josh doesn’t have much time to get acclimated to the new school, but that doesn’t matter. He enjoys the smaller classes and he likes being able to get to know his fellow students better.

“In Watford City I didn’t know everybody in my school because it was so big,” he said.

He also didn’t get much playing time during football season. That’s not the case this year, as Josh got quality minutes as running back and outside linebacker.

“It was a change going from 11-man to 6-man football,” Josh said, “but I’ve enjoyed 6-man: it’s faster-paced and there is a lot more scoring.”

Josh said he might play other sports this year, as well, but football is definitely his favorite. He also enjoyed wrestling until his sophomore year.

When not going to school or playing sports, Josh likes to hunt, fish and just be outdoors. He likes ranch life and could see pursuing a ranch-related career.

“I kind of like farm management,” he said. “I like tractors and stuff.”

As far as college is concerned, Josh said he hasn’t made up his mind. For the time being, he’s just enjoying being “the new kid.”

“Everyone is nice,” he said. “The teachers are nice, the students are nice. They even help me with school work.”





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