Take part in national Bat Week

Looking for a fun but educational Halloween activity that includes learning about bats, making a bat craft and pledging to support bat conservation?

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks created some easy activities to support national Bat Week (Oct. 24–31) with an idea of educating the public on the important role bats play in our ecosystem and encouraging everyone to help protect these important critters through some very simple actions.

For instance, did you know that bats are critical for controlling disease-carrying and crop-harming insects and save U.S. farmers more than $1 billion annually?

Or did you know that nectar-feeding bats pollinate many valuable plants like bananas, balsa wood, agave and cashews?

Or did you know that in one night, a bat can eat between 2,000 and 6,000 insects?

To participate in bat week parents, teachers and kids can go online at fwp.mt.gov and download a bat week packet, which includes a pledge of easy steps to encourage bat protection. Return your signed pledge to any local Fish, Wildlife and Parks office; a list of cool bat facts we need to share with others and myths that we need to dispel; a design for an easy bat craft your local FWP office would love to display.

If you have questions about bats or bat week, contact Lauri Hanauska-Brown at 444-5209.



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