Help preserve our community through volunteerism, donations



So, what is it that volunteers and deodorant have in common? You would miss them both if they were absent. You would notice right away. A snapshot of our community without volunteers would show a huge black hole: our hospital without guides through the maze during a confusing time in our lives, our library and art center without inspiration from those sharing their muses, our churches without fellow seekers of food for our soul, our community food bank and garden without food for bodies in need, and of course, our community without the ROWL plastics recycling program. (You knew that was coming.)

The list could go on and on, but you notice the common word throughout, “our”? These are all aspects of “our” community that make it a richer more desirable place for us to set down our roots and call home. And “our” volunteers, who help provide this richness, come from “our” community. They would be sorely missed if we were without them. Needless to say, these programs would not exist without “our” volunteers.

Volunteers keep our community humming, as volunteers keep humming when they volunteer. Just ask the next one you run into how much their efforts reward them, too. Giving of our time to a task that builds up our community, builds us up, too. And it beats taking a pill to make us hum any day.

Speaking now from the ROWL perspective, operating as a nonprofit, solely through the help of volunteers and donations, the Recycle Our Waste Lewistown program provides plastics recycling at the drop off site at Lewis Lane on the truck by pass 24/7. ROWL fills in an important piece of that snap shot.

However, the reality is that without an influx of volunteers to help with the processing, baling and hauling of the plastic dropped off at the site, the program cannot exist. With just a four to five hour a month commitment, we are not talking a huge amount of volunteered time. Considering the retirement of so many baby boomers these days, ROWL is optimistic a few will come forward to help. Come join a team today.

 Preserving our nation for the next generation is a smart place to start. It only takes one look at pictures of the state of our current oceans to recognize the need for each of us to step up and do our part, as insignificant as we may think it to be.

Of course, for varied reasons volunteering for some is not an option. Yet, support with a few dollars to help pay for the bags given out to the public, electricity, insurance and gas to haul the plastic to Billings becomes your way of keeping ROWL alive in the future.

Lewistown may not be large in size, but all evidence shows that we are pretty mighty in our efforts to provide an outstanding quality of live to those who share our community, much to the credit of those who volunteer their time, talents, and energy. Just like deodorant, they would be sorely missed.

To volunteer or with questions about ROWL, call 358-8435 or 350-2283. As a non-profit, your donations can be sent to: PO Box 255, Lewistown, MT 59457 or: Central Montana Foundation, PO Box 334, Lewistown, MT. Make 2018 the year of volunteering.


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