Thank you, John

Jacques Rutten
News-Argus Publisher

Inside this year’s Christmas Edition, you will find some familiar bylines from some wonderful local writers and historians. We are grateful to people such as Maxine Melton, Sam Phillips, Tom Wojtowick, Nancy Watts and others who have contributed to the Christmas Edition for many years. 

But no name has appeared more often in more Christmas Editions than that of John R. Foster. 

For the past 45 years, John has been expanding our knowledge of Central Montana’s colorful mining and frontier history, through his annual contributions to the Christmas Edition. 

John is one of those rare writers who entertains as well as he informs, and that is why his work will be treasured for generations to come. 

Thank you, John, for all you have for the News-Argus Christmas Edition and for the people of Central Montana. 

We look forward to reading your stories for years to come. 


-Jacques Rutten

News-Argus Publisher


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