My Turn

Retiring, not dying


Jane Hughes and I are retiring. Thursday’s was our last Judith Basin Press edition. We have enjoyed our time with the paper, Jane for 22 years and I for 16, but we are looking forward to new adventures and pursuits that include some stay-at-home time. We are excited about what lies ahead. Neither one of us will miss our early morning commutes during the long and dark winter months, but we will miss those same commutes during the warm and sunny spring and summer months. We will also miss all of our readers and the people of the county’s communities.

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interviewing the people of Judith Basin County – and beyond (at times). I have made good friends (Jane among them) in a community I seldom visited prior to taking on the job of Press editor. My former teaching job in Geyser saw me heading west – I have family in that direction – rather than east for many years, and I must say I missed out on much. The people of the county in general, and of Stanford in particular, have been the highlight of this job. Thank you for sharing your lives, loves and children with me.

Retiring is bittersweet for me. Getting older, I am tired of being as busy as this job keeps me. I want to spend more time with my beautiful granddaughters and the rest of my family. I am not as comfortable driving at night as I used to be, and sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting at a computer and writing. Yet, I will miss the fun this job has provided. I have loved being the Press editor.

I look forward to seeing all of you in my retirement. As one of my sisters reminded me, I will still be around. 

“You’re retiring, not dying,” she said.

I plan on volunteering my time with projects near and dear to my heart.

Thank you for 16 amazing years. I look forward to joining your ranks as a reader of the Judith Basin Press and am happy to inform you a new and younger editor will soon take my place. I know she will carry on what I worked hard to achieve – a somewhat error-free Press. Actually, she will probably do better, as she holds a master’s degree in writing, while my degree is only a bachelor’s degree. Her name is Melody Montgomery.

Look for her introduction in an upcoming Press.


Vicky McCray is the outgoing editor of Stanford’s Judith Basin Press.


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