Brady Bantz ready for new year, new season

Charlie Denison

Brady Bantz is having a great sixth grade year. He especially loves playing basketball, but he stays plenty busy with a variety of activities.
Photo courtesy of Jada Bantz

Brady loves to hit the slopes when he gets a chance.
Photo courtesy of Jada Bantz

Grass Range sixth grade student Brady Bantz is enjoying the New Year.

He’s also enjoying the new basketball season.

A point guard, Brady is the team’s playmaker, often looking to pass before shooting, but he’s not afraid to take a shot if he gets a good look.

“Basketball is my favorite sport,” he said. “I love my teammates and I love the environment.”

Brady likes football, too, and he also enjoys rodeo.

“We do breakaway team roping,” he said. “We haven’t gone on a trip to compete in a while, but it’s fun. I like horseback riding. I’ve been riding since I was five years old. I’ve done a lot of little rodeos since then.”

Brady lives out of town a few miles on his grandpa’s ranch, where there are four horses.

“My grandpa keeps his cows there, too,” Brady added.

Brady said he enjoys life on the ranch, and he enjoys having his family close. During the holidays, they had a big get-together.

“We had a family gathering at grandma’s for Christmas Eve and my dad’s side of the family had a big gathering at the school,” Brady said. “We have a lot of family. I think we had about 110 last time we did a family tree.”

The family sticks together, often sharing the same hobbies, such as hunting.

Last fall, Brady won a once-in-a-lifetime experience to hunt on the N-Bar Ranch near Flatwillow Creek.

“My dad and grandpa went with me,” Brady said. “We had a guide. I got an elk. We had a lot of fun.”

Brady got a deer this year, too.

Hunting is a fun hobby, but when it comes down to it, Brady’s main passions are basketball and football, and he hopes to excel in both in 2018.

“I really just want to focus on getting better at sports,” he said.


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