New student at Judith Gap likes his surroundings

News-Argus Staff

Dalton Lanning is Judith Gap’s newest student and enjoys his life. 

Photo courtesy of Cassie Sanchez



Dalton Lanning is a new student at Judith Gap this year. He and his father moved from Rollete, North Dakota last spring because his father took the job of the new custodian at the school.

Dalton is 15 and a freshman. He lives in the town of Judith Gap and so far likes it. 

Jeff Holmes is his favorite teacher because Dalton says he is “fun and does lots of hands-on projects.”  Holmes is the ag teacher, and from past experience has proven to be a favorite of most of the students he teaches. 

Sports are huge for Dalton. The Denver Broncos are his go-to football team, mostly because he liked watching the quarterback, Peyton Manning (now retired.) The Golden State Warriors players Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are his favorite basketball players.

“The Office” is his favorite TV show, and as for movies, comedies are his genre of choice. The video games, “Call of Duty,” “Minecraft” and “Guitar Hero” are his favorites.

Dalton maintains an equal balance in his life of indoor vs. outdoor. Riding bikes, swimming, snowboarding, diving and the trampoline all are activities he has participated in. 

At the time of this interview (just before Christmas) his heart’s desire was a 4-wheeler. 

His favorite food is cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake to be exact.

When asked where he would most like to travel to, Dalton’s answer was Denver, Colorado, to see a football game and the mountains.

Dalton had wise words of wisdom for his siblings. “Don’t put things off.”

I always ask my students the question, if they could spend an hour in a secluded spot on a bench with someone, who would it be, what would they talk about and why? I feel like young people have unique perspectives on life and we can all learn from them. Dalton’s response was immediate. Steph Curry, star of the Golden State Warrior basketball team was the person. Dalton wanted to ask Steph how he got where he was, what he did to practice and what kind of advice he would give. One of the reasons Dalton looks up to Steph is because, in a world of very tall men, Steph doesn’t let his lack of height keep him from excelling and earning respect.   


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