Sixth-grader Eva Rapkoch enjoys art, video games and much more

Eva enjoys the view at Beartooth Pass for her birthday last summer.

Photo courtesy of Megan Manley

Just what does a typical sixth grader do on a day off from school in the middle of February? Eva Rapkoch spent part of her day play ing Roblox on her IPAD with her older sister, Sydney. Roblox is the largest social platform for play. Mil lions of active players imagine build and play together with immersive 3D worlds according to the internet.

Eva also loves to draw. Her favorite class in school is art, although she said they don’t get the class a lot. She loves to draw almost anything. She hopes to be an artist some day.

Eva is in a combined classroom of six fifth and six sixth graders at Moore. Her teacher is Mrs. Rauch.

Eva loves to read. Her favorite book is “Fish in a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. This is a must-read book for all middle school students. It is a story about a girl named Ally who has not learned to read because she has dyslexia. She tries covering up her inability to read by being a “problem” student. A new teacher helps Ally overcome her dyslexia. Ally becomes more confident and creative thanks to the new teacher.

“I guess my favorite color is. . . let’s say scarlet,” said Eva. “My second favorite color is coral pink.”

Eva does not have a favorite food.

If she could have one superhuman power, Eva said, “It would be moving things with my mind.”


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