Headed to state

While dribbling the ball, Mitch Norslien (left) looks for a teammate against Belgrade on Friday night. Jace Philipps

(right) protects the ball from two Sidney defenders on Saturday morning.

Photos by
Doreen Heintz

The Havre Ice Hawks, which includes three players from Lewistown, will be traveling to Missoula this weekend to play in the high school state hockey tournament. The three players from Lewistown are Bayron Merker, Noah Kirsch and Jace Butcher. Members of the Ice Hawks are (back row, from left) Coach Barry Brownlee, Donovan McLain, Cole Hanson, Noah Kirsch, Jace Butcher, August Eacker, Assistant Coach Brian Lenhardt, (middle row) Rhoda Peterson, Ethan Roberts, Dexter Beck, Trent Shettel, Bayron Merker and (front) Kinzee Peterson. The Ice Hawks’ first game is Friday at 10 a.m.

Photo courtesy of Havre Ice Hawks



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