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Legal fireworks could be a good thing

Dear Editor, Well, it shocked me to see the Council is going to allow fireworks in the city limits. My wife and I lived a short time in Evanston, Wyoming. Fireworks are sold year round and there are no restrictions on the type. I purchased Roman candles and bottle rockets; these are illegal in Montana. What fun, cannot figure out why they are illegal. Anyway, you can only shoot them off twice a year. Once on the Fourth and the other on New Years. If there was another day, I don’t recall. The law was very clear: you did not shoot them off any other time. This included the county. But, for those two times you could shoot them within the city limits. The City would prep the parks by watering very well, setting off parking for the overflow, and bam. It was like a war zone, but without the injury. It was a blast, a true community coming together. Everybody shared, food was prepared, people got along great. What I am getting at is this, Lewistown has a chance to offer a new community gathering event. You have the Fairgrounds, Symmes Park, Frank Day, etc. This could be a good thing. Think about it; also think about legalizing all fireworks. Brian Bersuch Lewistown




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