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BLM, don’t turn your back on land stewards

Dear Editor, Well, well, well, here we go again. The APR bullies are going for another greedy land grab. Their goal is to now take over thousands of BLM acres so their huge bison herd can roam freely within a fenced boundary that will keep the bison in by using a top string of electric fence. Give me a break... Bison can charge through a fence of razor wire if they are intent on moving on. Bison are some of the most dangerous animals there are. They have injured and killed more humans than bears, I’ve heard. Bison can run up to 35 mph and nothing can stop a charging herd of bison. I certainly hope the BLM will not turn its back on the farmers and ranchers who have been good stewards of the land for many, many years. The BLM has been very strict with the people who have their livestock graze on the BLM land, and I do not want to see the APR move in and take over. In my opinion, the APR is like a cancerous tumor that is trying to engulf millions of acres in Montana to fulfill their ridiculous dream. In the meantime, they are ruining the lives of third and fourth generations who have raised livestock and grains to feed people all around the world. Shame on the APR. If the BLM gives special treatment to the APR, perhaps they will be known as the Bureau of Land Mismanagement. Eileen L. Hastad Fergus County landowner Moorhead, Minnesota



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