Vote for the right candidate for PSC Dist. 1

Dear Editor,

My favorite area of a newspaper: letters to the editor. We all want to know what other Montanans are thinking and are passionate enough to put feelings to print and share. First, a little background about myself, and then I want to introduce you to someone who will – with our help – soon be able to make a positive financial impact on the future of Lewistown, Fergus and 15 other northeast Montana counties in Public Service Commission No. 1.

I am a veteran, having served 29 and one-half years in the military. I was taught to be mission-oriented, take no short cuts, be strict, and demand honesty and integrity above all else from co-workers and subordinates alike.

Over 10 years ago, I met Randy Pinocci (Republican), currently running for the soon-to-be-vacant seat in the PSC District No. 1. I liked Randy right from the start because he is truthful, honest, and full of energy, and passionate in what he believes. He’s a Christian family man who lives in rural Sun River, and is the most qualified Republican candidate for the job.

What the PSC does: regulates private, investor-owned natural gas, electric, telephone, water and private sewer companies doing business in Montana. In addition, the PSC regulates intrastate railroads and certain motor carriers hauling regulated commodities, and, if that is not enough, oversees natural gas pipeline safety regulations. I surely want someone who is willing and capable to do their best with these issues, don’t you?

Please call Randy, he’s a great guy to talk to or email. He can tell you why it’s so important, dollar and cent-wise, for you to vote for the right Republican in the June 2018 primaries. Do your homework, and I am sure you will vote for Randy Pinocci.

Keith Ochs

Great Falls



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