Crowning achievement

Fergus seniors get creative with graduation caps
Saturday, May 26, 2018

Members of the Class of 2018 are decorating their caps for graduation Sunday.   Photo courtesy of Lissy Southworth



Parents, faculty, extended family, siblings, underclassmen and others taking a seat in the Fergus High Fieldhouse this weekend can expect a louder, more colorful commencement.

Thanks to Lissy Southworth, the Fergus High Student Council, multiple signatures on a petition and an approval by the Lewistown Public Schools Board of Trustees, the class of 2018 will put a little more individuality on display during Sunday’s graduation.

For the first time in school history, graduates are allowed to decorate their caps for graduation day.

“This came about in a few student council meetings,” said Southworth. “Our advisor Jessica Miller proposed it and we thought it would be really cool.”

Southworth and some others had already heard of schools participating in this same process both in the state and elsewhere.

“It looked like something fun,” Southworth said, “and it’s something we can keep after graduation. We can look back at it and enjoy. It will help remind us of what we were like and what we were interested in at the time.”

Fortunately, Southworth and her fellow student council members weren’t the only ones.

“There are a good amount of students who have gotten involved,” Southworth said. “I haven’t seen a whole lot of the caps yet myself, but I like what I’ve seen. There are some pretty creative ones.”

Southworth’s graduation cap design consists of a mendala, a Buddhist symbol for wisdom.

“For me, the mendala represents being organized, plus I like pretty things,” she said.

All those participating in the process, Southworth added, are playing by the rules. There is no foul language and there are no inappropriate illustrations.

Designing caps is already something the class of 2019 is interested in doing, as many juniors also signed the petition to make this project possible.

“The juniors are really on board,” Southworth said, “which is great. I want to see this continue.”

Graduation begins at 2 p.m.



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