Frank Valach celebrates 100th birthday

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Frank Valach (right) takes a picture with Bob Valach – one of Frank’s three children – during his 100th birthday party at the Elks Friday.

Photo by Charlie Denison


Frank Valach wasn’t going to miss his party at the Elks Lodge on Friday.

For months, he’d been telling all his family and friends about it. 

His grandchildren were coming in from Denver and Seattle. Cousins and other family members were coming in from all over. This was a big deal. For Frank, it was the party of the century.

Or perhaps it was the party of a century, as hundreds gathered to wish Frank a happy 100th birthday.

The well-known bricklayer loved every minute of it, visiting with person-to-person, getting wheeled around from one table to another. Eventually he even got out on the dance floor, moving his arms up, down and all around as Bob Antonich’s polka band played.

“It’s a polka party, let’s dance,” Frank said.

His granddaughters Julia and Jenna took him up on it, as they took his hands and tried to groove to the music.

“We don’t really dance much, but we gave it a shot,” said Julia. 

Others joined in the fun, as Frank stayed on the dance floor, smiling, laughing and moving his arms around gleefully. 

“It’s my birthday,” he said repeatedly and proudly. It was his day. He’d reached a major milestone, and he wasn’t going to let the moment slip away.



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