Hypnotist brings world-class show to Fair
Friday, July 27, 2018

Magician Michael Mezmer prepares to pull the trigger on a staple gun after an intense game of Russian Roulette during his magic show on Thursday afternoon.  

Photo by Jacques Rutten

Hypnotist and magician Michael Mezmer returns to the Central Montana Fair for the first time in six years. He hopes to see children and adults alike out at his grand finale Saturday evening at 8 p.m. at the Trade Center. 

Photo courtesy of Susie Davis




Michael Mezmer is back.

The hypnotist who also specializes in “danger magik” returned to the Central Montana Fair after a six-year absence, and he’s glad to return.

“I’ve played Las Vegas, I’ve played cruise ships, Disney Land, Universal Studios. I’ve played 25 countries, but working the fair circuit through the Rocky Mountain Fair Association presents me with the kinds of shows I really enjoy,” Mezmer said. “People in these towns treat you so well.”

A paid entertainer since he was 7 years old, Mezmer has always loved to entertain – and it’s all he’s ever wanted to do.

“All my high school friends always say to me, ‘you’re the one person we know who knew what you wanted to do and has continued doing it.’ I feel very fortunate and lucky that way. This really is my dream.”

Having a new audience each night is a delight for Mezmer, and it’s his goal to give each crowd something extraordinary.

“You’re not going to see anything like it,” he said. 

Mezmer performed two different acts: two “Danger Magik” shows a day and one “Trans-Nosis” comedy show in the evening. He expected both to get a rise out of the crowd, as he was prepared to go “beyond the limits.”

The “Trans-Nosis” act is full of surprises, Mezmer said, as it consists of “a unique combination of optical illusion, hypnotic suggestion, cutting edge magic and mind-blowing phenomena.”

Hypnosis, Mezmer said, is driven by the subconscious mind and allows for the volunteers to “see a different reality.” 

Danger Magik, on the other hand, appeals to those interested in shock value, as Mezmer hypnotizes himself and performs stunts that would typically inflict a lot of pain. He shoots himself with a staple gun, swallows razorblades, and puts his hand in a wolf trap.

“I do some very unusual stuff,” he said. “It’s cutting edge magic and not the typical magic show you’ll see at the fair.”

Mezmer calls the act “impossible plausibility” and encourages the audience to open their minds.

“Accept it as reality,” he said. “Think beyond normal parameters.” 

Psychology plays a big part in Mezmer’s magic, which is why he got a degree in the field. Through extensive study – which includes training with legendary hypnotist Gil Boyne – he’s become well known for his craft, even earning a spot on the board for the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Magic Museum.

Shows are family friendly, Mezmer said, and people attending are encouraged to participate.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Suspend your disbelief. Forget your troubles. Stay in the magic moment. Let it bring back the wonder you had in childhood.”



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